Starbucks 2 Free Codes for It’s a Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway

Free Starbucks for Life

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Here are two codes that I received today and have not used. They can only be used once, but the first one to enter them gets an entry. Have fun!!



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Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Frederick MD

Pretzel and Pizza Creation
210 N Market Street

I absolutely adored this little gem in downtown Frederick! Some friends and I were in Baker park taking some pictures and decided to grab a bite to eat. We walked over to Pretzel and Pizza Creations. It was around 6 PM on a Sunday evening. I ordered a small (8″) Hawaiian pizza. It has 4 slices and is perfect for one person. When they brought it out, it was so beautiful I took a picture! The dough is their pretzel dough. This pizza is not a thin crust pizza, but it is not too thick either. The sauce is delicious and it had plenty of toppings. I think I inhaled it. I then decided that since I had already hit carb overload I might as well go for more…I ordered a stuffed pretzel for dessert. It was a TO ORDER pretzel, stuffed with semi-sweet chocolate and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. It literally had to be baked. I had no regrets. It was uh-mazing. Worth every calorie. I think my bill was around $12. I will go back again and again and again.

Pretzel and Pizza Creations

Pretzel and Pizza Creations

Pretzel and Pizza Amazing in Frederick MD

Pretzel and Pizza Amazing in Frederick MD

Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Frederick MD

Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Frederick MD

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IHOP Open on Thanksgiving

I drove 14 hours straight and stopped at this IHOP for food on Thanksgiving. The wait staff was very upbeat and happy even though they were working on a holiday and black Friday shopping had already begun to line up at places.

The food was decent and I applauded their professionalism. Thank you for making my holiday cheerful after a long drive.

IHOP Strawberry Pancakes

IHOP Strawberry Pancakes

IHOP Southwest Omelet

IHOP Southwest Omelet

IHOP Blueberry Pancakes

IHOP Blueberry Pancakes


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Globe Restaurant in Berlin MD

Ever see the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The majority of that movie was filmed in Berlin Maryland!

We sopped in town to have dinner at the Globe Restaurant on Thanksgiving eve. Dining at any of the restaurants in Berlin is a nice treat and tonight’s dinner was no exception.

The service was great and our server Allison was fun and efficient. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was welcoming and relaxing. I really enjoyed the artistic flair of this place as it was once a town theater. The folks in our party tried lots of entrees, namely the tuna, the salmon, the steak, and even a cheeseburger. The portion sizes were huge but as far as I can tell we all managed to clean our plates.

The Globe Restaurant has a number of interesting events on their calendar each month. We hated it thst we missed the Abbott and Costello’s Frankenstein which ran earlier in the week on their downstairs movie screen located downstairs. We do plan to catch trivia night there soon.

Old Globe Restaurant in Berlin Maryland

Old Globe Restaurant in Berlin Maryland

Pizza at the Globe Restaurant

Pizza at the Globe Restaurant

Amazing Crab Soup at Globe Restaurant

Amazing Crab Soup at Globe Restaurant

The Globe on Urbanspoon

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Saladworks in Salisbury Maryland

Wow I wasn’t expecting that!

I went into my first Saladworks today because my wife insisted. I was really not feeling it but have to say I loved it and was very pleasantly surprised.

When I first walked in, I saw the display case with examples of their specialty salads. They looked ok I guess but I like lots of meat and I imagined myself just being hungry again in an hour. The employee behind the counter told me I could make my own salad just tell him what 5 toppings I wanted. I then realized I could have 5 meat toppings if that’s what I wanted!

I decided to get a mix of romaine and spinach with 2 scoops of buffalo chicken, 2 scoops of fried chocken, and a scoop of monterey cheese. Lots of protein,  very filling and delicious.

If you have never been to a a Saladworks before, go in with an open mind and enjoy. That was a great lunch for $7.99.

Saladworks in Salisbury Maryland

Saladworks Pick 5 Toppings

Saladworks in Salisbury MD


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Starbucks Star Code 5 Free Stars

I could really use some Starbucks right now. I love their skinny vanilla latte! I see posts for star codes but they never work for me. Wish somebody had Starbucks codes that worked.

Starbucks rewards is a loyalty program where you collect stars that you can redeem for free drinks or food. Collect 12 Starbucks stars and you’re at the green level which will get you free refills. The best level st Starbucks is gold though which you get to at 30 stars.

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Texas Roadhouse Early Bird Special 2014

Great value in their early bird specials from 4-6pm

Mon-Thurs. About nine courses to choose from for $8.99 (recently went up $1). I got the 6 oz sirloin, others in my party got the pulled pork and we were all happy. Entrees come with two sides. Served with wonderful rolls and a bucket of peanuts. Just don’t nibble too much or you will not be hungry when your meal comes! The servers do a little line dance every so often. It’s a place full of enthusiasm and good food. When you first come in, there is a case full of various steaks where you can choose whichever cut you’d like. Definitely worth a try!

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LongHorn Steakhouse Printable Coupon 2014

200 Cross Roads Blvd
Newport, KY 41076

An extremely good-looking and delightful steakhouse with a great coupon. Located just across from the Towne Mall that everybody in Hardin County seems to hate so much. Really, my primary concern with this place is that it’s a little overpriced, but it is a pleasant experience if you’re looking to have an enjoyable meal and the printable coupon was taken without a question. The entire restaurant seems to be clean and well-decorated with a Western theme. Despite the numerous customers slowing the waiters down, the service was actually decent and they were very friendly and patient with us.

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Olive Tree Restaurant on $25

3185 Hilliard Rome Road
Columbus, OH 43026

First time at Olive Tree Restaurant because of the coupon I found on, in town for an event. My wife is vegan and I eat everything. We were seated and the great service began immediately. Our server Manel coached us on our options and gave very helpful advice on the menu.

The food was great, the wait staff wonderful. Alejandra the manager is amazing. Between her and Manel we never wanted for anything, and I noticed Alejandra keeps everything going smoothly by helping and giving direction to her crew. All in all I give this place a 10. Love the Olive Tree Restaurant but wouldn’t go again without a coupon.

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Pies and Pints

222 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 342-7437

Our family, including 2 teenage sons, stopped by here as we drove through Charleston after seeing that it was ranked #1 in the area. We were NOT disappointed. We were seated immediately. The staff were so attentive! We ordered a spinach salad which was the best I’ve ever eaten and it was huge. Then we ordered a large pizza – half classic and then half a specialty black bean. Our waitress told us that the black bean was actually voted best dish in Charleston for 2014. Both sides were really delicious! We finished with a dessert that really good as well. We decided to split it amongst the 4 of us – our waitress did tell us it was small and we might want two. It was small, but yummy!! We each had 1 bite. I’m trying to figure out how we can stop back by here on our way home!! It is certainly worth it!!

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