Applebee’s UNLIMITED Soup and Salad

Applebee’s UNLIMITED Soup and Salad

The last time we ate out at Applebee’s, there was a giant banner on the window announcing their new UNLIMITED soup and salad special.

The thing that struck us both was that the special was Monday through Saturday from 12-4 – yes it’s available on Saturday.

Anxious to test this out, we went to Applebee’s today (Saturday) at 3:00pm and ordered the special. I ordered french onion soup and a caesar salad and the wife ordered french onion soup and a house salad. We placed our order at 3:10 and waited and waited for our meal. Finally at around 3:35 the meals were served.

Since our wait was so long and 4:00 was fast approaching, we went ahead and ordered a second round of everything as the first round was being served. This worked perfectly because our second helping of Applebee’s soup and salad came out just as we were finishing our first helping.

Everything worked perfectly – food was great and only $5.99 each. The bill totaled up at 12.70 with tax.

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  1. Dorothy Lewis says:

    The branch in little elm tx doesnt offer this was very disappointed

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