Breakfast for Two at Denny’s

Breakfast for Two at Denny’s

The wife an I were driving and had about an hour to kill before we needed to pull over for gas and breakfast. When it was time for both, Denny’s was next door and seemed the best choice.

For 6.99, I got a humongous plate of food called the “meat lovers trio” (or something like that). It had two eggs over easy, a chicken fried steak with country gravy, two slices of smoked bacon, two nice sized sausage links, and even included hash browns which I got with jalapeno peppers added. It was definitely enough calories for the whole day and I wasn’t hungry again until late that evening.

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My eggs were the best over easy I’ve had in years. The hash browns however were dried out and withered and the chicken fried steak was merely decent. This wife got pancakes and eggs and seemed happy.

Breakfast was just a tad over $20.

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