The Chop House in Charleston WV

Steaks at The Chop House

The wife and I had our first steak dinner at The Chop House Restaurant about 5 years ago. Nowadays we go there less frequently but we are regulars whenever we’re in Charleston.

For such a large city, there are not that many really fine steak restaurants in Charleston. For that reason alone, it’s easy to see why The Chop House Restaurant is so popular. The location is very convenient too!

I don’t want to appear harsh because I truly believe that the restaurant management and staff try to create the most memorable dining experience that they can. The menu however is extremely limited and the steak selections never change.

I also find the little service show that they do to be silly and unnecessary. For those that have never eaten here, the servers arrive at your table with all the entrees and make it a point to serve the platters to each customer at the table in unison.

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All in all though, I have to say that I’ve had some really good steaks at the Chop House restaurant and have never had a bad dining experience there.

Cocktails and wine are fairly priced but the entrees are way overpriced in my opinion. It seems like some competition from a place like Ruths Chris Steakhouse would snap the Chop House Restaurant back into the year 2012.

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