Fiery Hawaiian Pizza at Domino’s

Fiery Hawaiian Pizza at Domino’s

Today, the wife and I bought one of those a new Fiery Hawaiian pizzas from Domino’s – their latest add to the more upscale “American Legends” specialty pizzas. It was like a Hawaiian luau complete with fire twirlers, hula dancers, aloha shirts and all … except it was round and made with mozzarella cheese.

Oh, and there was also pineapple and ham, and even jalapeño peppers.

It’s Domino’s newest twist on pizza and it’s already legendary. It has sliced ham, smoked bacon, tender pineapple chunks, roasted up red peppers, hot buffalo sauce, jalapeño peppers and mozzarella cheese all on a cheesy Parmesan crust.

Dinner tonight was $12.71.

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