The KFC 8 Piece Meal

The KFC 8 Piece Meal

Well, we had a pretty major snowstorm in Harrison County today and were anxious to get home for the night. Since that was the case, we chose the KFC drivwe through window and ordered an 8 piece chicken meal to go.

The 8 piece meal comes with 2 sides so we got green beans and cole slaw.

The price on the KFC drive through menu was $17.99 for an 8 piece meal which seemed reasonable enough, ringing up to $19.07 with sales tax added.

We were a little disappointed with our purchase however when we noticed a sign reading “KFC Ultimate Meal Deal $19.99″ as we were driving away. The ultimate meal deal was for 12 pieces rather than 8 with the same two sides – would have been nice to have this “meal deal” suggested at the drive through window.

Oh well, everything was good!

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