Panera Bread “Pick 2″

Panera Bread “Pick 2″

We had dinner at Panera Bread in Clarksburg this evening.

I chose the “Pick 2″ combo with a half roast beef asiago sandwich on french bread and a bowl of french onion soup. The wife also chose a combo but opted for ham and chees on rye bread with a bowl of french onion soup.

Panera has good soup, but their french onion soup does not rate high on my list. I guess if I were to rate my french onion soup experiences in order from best to worst it would go…

1. Oliverio’s

2. Applebee’s
3. FOP
4. Panera Bread
5. Gourmet Cafe

It was good soup, just not my favorite by any means.

The half sandwiches were very good, and the extra chunk of bread they served me was yummy when I piled on the cream cheese.

Dinner came to $16.09 initially. My wife got a bagel with cream cheese afterward which added another $2.50.

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