Sheetz and The $4 Footlong Sub

Sheetz and The $4 Footlong Sub

WVU vs. Kentucky basketball game this afternoon so I went to Sheetz for a sub to eat during the game.

To be truthful, I actually went to Subway first because I wanted to try their uber-advertised $5 meatball and pepperoni sub. Unfortunately, they had a sign on the door saying that their credit card reader was down which left me out of luck.

So… credit card in hand, I headed across the street to get a sub at Sheetz instead.

Now all over the walls and gas pumps at Sheetz you’ll find ads for their $4 footlong subs. The meatball sub that I was craving was on the list, so I headed to the machine to place my order. After I selected my sub however, I noticed a troubling and slightly deceptive thing about Sheetz’ $4 offerings. If I wanted cheese on my sub, it was going to add .99 to the price. Of course I want cheese – subs are always meat and cheese!!!

Sheetz that is not cool.

So my $4 footlong at Sheetz cost me $5 plus tax,

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