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Vito’s Pizza in Clarksburg, WV

Vito’s Pizza in Clarksburg, WV

biglink Vitos Pizza in Clarksburg, WV Vito’s Pizza in Clarksburg, WV

We drove in to Clarksburg tonight to get a Vito’s Pizza to go. It was our usual – a 16″ round pizza pie with pepperoni on the whole thing and then 1/2 sausage + 1/2 banana peppers.

Now my wife likes the chain pizza stores like Little Caesars, Domino’s Pizza, and and Pizza Hut. Not me! I’m a self-proclaimed pizza snob and am really particular about where I buy my pizza. We have to drive a while to get to Vito’s but it’s always worth it.

How did I find Vito’s you ask? Well… a couple of years ago I heard someone going on and on about Vito’s so I decided to go home and do a Yahoo search for the place. There were tons of positive reviews but there was this one particular review from “Jamies Wife” that really caught my eye:

“BEST Pizza, Calzones & “boli’s” (stromboli) IN the state. Our favorite by far. More expensive than chain pizza, but a million times better!! SO worth the money and the pizzas are huge. Everything on the menu rocks. My husband turned me onto Vito’s years ago, and I’ve since become a Vito’s regular. Love it..well worth the price. ps: clean too!!”

Tonight’s take out pizza was amazing and I highly recommend this place if you’re ever in the area!


  • 1/2 Pizza w/ Pepperoni and Sausage


  • 1/2 Vito’s Pizza w/ Pepperoni and Banana Peppers

The bill for tonight’s amazing takeout was a mere $14.73!

pixel Vitos Pizza in Clarksburg, WV